Lenovo Brand World redesign

Creative director // Philip Marchington
Design lead // Melissa Herboth
UI designer // Dennis McGee
Designer // Kathy Palmisano
Designer // Yea Hwang

In 2018 Lenovo Brand World was reimagined from a static PDF format into an online experience. An audit showed inconsistency, accessibility, and duplication of content. The goal of the redesign was to reimagine the architecture of our global guidance by elevating the Masterbrand and reducing inconsistencies.

  • Highly organized site structure with foundation stemming from the Lenovo Masterbrand
  • Dual sites for global audience (English and Chinese)
  • Monthly average page views increased from 614 to 1,156
  • Monthly users increased from 1,612 to 5,196
landing page
page views
site map organization before (left) after (right)