shanghai adventures

July 15 – 21, 2017 Shanghai, China. When your boss asks you if you would be willing to go to be the design lead for an event happening in Shanghai, China you say yes. Don’t stall or say ‘let me think about it’ – you say yes. trust me, it is an amazing place to visit. fast forward 4 weeks (while securing a visa, essential vaccines, travel needs and a quick understanding of ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’) an 18 hour plane ride and I’m actually there.

Months of prep, meetings, discussions and coordination and it all comes down to 24 hours. Lenovo Tech World 2017 looked amazing (my main job), cool new products and technology were introduced and it was well received. Win!

In the off hours between eating, sleeping and working I managed to fit in some sight seeing. I wanted to see everything and did see a lot of what Shanghai had to offer! My view from the hotel room was probably my favorite.

I also always look for the interesting lines and shapes in the more common places like ceilings, railings, structures and walkways.

The sites! I got to visit quite a few of the spots on my list including Yuyuan Garden, Tianzifang (an artsy Shopping District), The Bund, Xintiandi (a part of the French Consession), the Oriental Pearl TV Tower (the worst lines I’ve ever stood in) and my absolute favorite spot, the Chinese Printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall. A lovely little gallery (in a house) that holds historical tools, print blocks, printed samples and current fabric and goods for sale.

It was an amazing trip and feel lucky to have experienced so much in just 6 days.